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We are proud of the endorsements and partnerships we have built up with other green companies and we share their commitment to sustainable living.

“I think your website is great, and if anybody asks me about where to look for green goods and services in the UK, I’d definitely direct them to your site.” – Dale Stubbart, Shopping Green

“Your site is very interesting and has a fantastic amount of information on it.” – Olga, Green Box

“Your website is a great resource for purchasing organic items that are healthy for the environment.” – Megan, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

“Your site looks like a fantastic resource for ethical and environmentally conscience people.” – Trudy Slabosz, Small Simple Life

“I came across The Green Providers Directory whilst looking for a fair trade directory and I’m particularly impressed at the number of fair trade companies you list – far more than I’ve seen on other directories!” – Adam Miller, Data Dial

“We love your directory and have used it many times to shop & find green online services.” – Paw Luxury

“I like your site a lot and we would be happy to link up with you.” – Ade Thomas, Green TV

“Best of luck with your site.” – James Niven, Triodos Bank

“Congratulations on your site and all the work involved.” – Peter Hale, Climate Concern UK

“I am very happy with my listing and have already had some contacts as a result of my being on your website.” – Diane Seymour, Fabulous Fairtrade

“The Directory you offer is a perfect fit with my online marketing stategy, so I am very glad I made contact with you.” – Paul Wolfenden, The Fair Trade Store

“I would like to continue advertising with you, it’s a lovely easy to use directory.” – Jo Ordoñez, Earthbound Organics

“I think it’s a wonderful idea and great site. Keep up the good work.” – Yasmin Halai-Carter, The Green Desk

“What you are doing with your website is very important, not only for the information provided, but above all for connecting like minded people.” – Dr Barbara Olioso, Organatural

“It looks like a great website!” – Hannah Stockwell, People’s Trust for Endangered Species

“I enjoyed looking at your site and I’m sure it will interest our visitors.” – Angie Burke, Resurgence magazine

“Congratulations on a really nice site – a very useful resource for green minded people.” – Amanda McGillivray, The Natural Skincare Company Ltd.

“The site looks great! We are always in support of listing sites that spread the environmental word.” – Rob, Green Green Home

“I love your site and support what you are doing.” – Wadard, Global Warming Watch

“Congratulations on your great and important website.” – David Field, World Tents

“Your site looks great and we would be very pleased to be listed.” – Mike, ethical WARES

“Your website looks great!” – Carolyn Baker, The Fair Trade Stand

“It’s good to see so many initiatives and yours is another welcome one.” – Ed Jones, Don’tDumpThat

“Your website is great!” – Sam Blades, recycle-more

“We wish you every success with your excellent site.” – Jeff Baker, The Birds and Business Alliance

“I can see you’ve done a lot of work on the site, it looks very good.” – Ian Williams, Plan B, The Environment Centre

“Congratulations on a very nice web site design and structure” – Stephen, Nature Sense

“I have been looking at your Green Providers Directory and I think it’s fantastic.” – Lisa Jackson, Eurydice PR

“Your site is very useful and comprehensive, who needs yellow pages when you can have green?” – Marc Roberts, Climate Chaos Cartoons

“You have a very nice looking website, full of interesting stuff, well done!” – Green Lodge, Self Catering for the Vegetarian Traveller

“You definitely have a great site!” – Andrew Rideout, Greenedia Group Blog

“I am very impressed with your website and green companies directory.” – Dennis Freedman, Essentially Natural

“I recently stumbled across your blog and am very impressed with you’re desire to make a difference for the environment. You have a lot of great content and all of your posts really drew me in.” – Chris Rose, Green Press

“We have reviewed the information on your blog and feel it is an excellent resource to any viewing public and admire the dedication you’ve put into it.” – William Lee,

“Well done on a fantastic resource.” – Janey Lee Grace, Imperfectly Natural

“We will definitely renew – we love what you are doing and the service you are providing fits into our ethical policies. Thanks for providing a wonderful service.” – Susan Kemp, Aromantic

“We’ve been on your mailing list for years and have always found your articles thought provoking. Great to break you out of the everyday trials and remember the bigger issues. Thanks” – Rediscovered Garden

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