Financial advisors in my area – finding ethical advisors

Where money is invested and how it is invested can have a huge impact on the environment, including the rainforests, the oceans, endangered species, human welfare and carbon emissions. This is particularly true for the larger institutional investors and pension fund managers, where billions of stocks are regularly traded across the globe. Whilst investing can generate growth in the green economy, drive renewable energy programmes and create help to create new and sustainable jobs, it can also fund fossil fuel industries, tobacco companies, arms industries, new coal mines, deforestation and polluting industries. That’s why finding an ethical financial advisor is so important for anyone concerned about protecting the planet and the future of our children.

Does investing ethically mean smaller returns?

Ethical investments are about placing money according to morals and beliefs, not simply profit at any cost. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on returns; just that ethical investments are made more selectively and avoid environmentally damaging practices, as well as trade with oppressive regimes and countries with poor human rights records.

Growth in the green economy

The proportion of new UK investors who choose investments based on their ethical policy continues to grow. In addition, more larger institutional investors are starting to move out of fossil fuel companies into renewable industries such as large-scale offshore windfarms, as the price of renewables continues to fall below that of polluting fossil fuels. In fact, according to a report by Imperial College London, offshore wind power is now so cheap that it could actually pay money back to consumers.

Finding an ethical financial advisor

A common question is how do I find financial advisors near me? A number of free sites exist for finding financial advisors in your local area, many of which also provide advisor reviews, ratings, qualifications, experience and client feedback. Be sure to check their green credentials and that they are approved to offer advice in this area.


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