Energy saving devices

Energy saving devices can save you money around the home and office, thereby helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. From solar chargers to energy saving light bulbs to the latest energy efficient fridges and eco gadgets, you’ll find them all below.

Did you know? Almost a billion pounds of electricity is wasted in the UK every year by people leaving appliances on standby!

Fridges, tumble dryers and televisions can use a large amount of electricity over the course of a year. Simple lifestyle changes like boiling only the water you need in your kettle, switching off lights and other electrical devices after use not only help the environment but also save you money. Choosing more energy efficient models and fitting standby cut-out switches could save you a small fortune!

Home insulation – top of the green agenda!



Rotaire energy saving dryer

The Dryline will pay for itself in reduced energy bills in 6 to 8 months. People are unaware that the washing cycle uses 1/3 of domestic energy. An umbrella without a cover is useless, so why treat your laundry that way? The Dryline will not dry your laundry as quickly as a tumble dryer, BUT there will be no pollution, cost, energy or wear and tear on your clothes! It’s pleasant to hang it naturally in the open air – gives a fresher feel and smell. Visit



Cold Proof

ColdProof Whole house energy efficiency analysis & retrofit for old houses. Specialist in accurate & detailed baseline energy analysis of existing housing, using Passive House methodology and thermal bridge modelling. The resulting action plan of improvements enables clients to reach specific space heating demand or carbon emissions reduction targets. The action plan includes a likely list of materials needed, sequence of work & economic analysis.



Energy saving lighting

lighTree energy saving lighting lighTree is trusted by many thousands of home and business owners to guide their purchase of energy saving light bulbs and LED lamps. Visit

Customer service email:



Thermal insulation wallpaper

Sempatap Thermal is thermal insulation on a roll, as easy as wallpaper to apply. It can be decorated with virtually any finish, emulsion, wallpaper even tiled and redecoration is no problem. It has a life expectancy of 30 years and can be applied on a DIY basis. Sempatap Thermal is approved by the Energy Saving Trust as an energy saving product and is an EST “Recommended” product. It is the simple, easy solution for insulating solid wall homes. Application DVD available.



Optiheat renewable energy

Optiheat design, install and service a range of green renewable energy heating solutions including the design, installation and maintenance of ground and air source heat pumps, high efficiency boilers, underfloor heating, insulation, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and solar thermal systems. With the rising fuel costs and Government funding and incentives, there has never been a better time to consider changing to a greener way to heat your home.


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 2 reviews
by K Lee on The Green Providers Directory

Rotaire Dryline. Malcolm thank you very much for being so prompt on replying I must give you credit in that you can speak to you and email you very easily if you have a problem with your product which is a very rare thing these days thank you.

by Howard H on The Green Providers Directory

Rotaire Dryline. We’ve been using the dryline for just over a month now and are extremely pleased with it. We’ve told all our friends and family about your product and hope this results in more orders for you. You’ve got a great idea there. Good luck for the future.