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Looking for an eco-friendly, green insurance company? Many insurers specialise in eco-friendly, hybrid and low emission cars and offer discounts.

More drivers are switching to low emission cars to save on tax and fuel. Green insurance and the lower premiums that come with it can save you even more money. Some green insurance companies also offer to offset your carbon emissions or contribute some of their profits to good causes.

So, if you like the idea of doing your bit for the environment by recycling, using renewable energy and driving a hybrid or low emissions car then why not see if you could also save money whilst helping the planet?

“It wasn’t the Exxon Valdez captain’s driving that caused the Alaskan oil spill. It was yours.” – Greenpeace advertisement, New York Times, 25 February 1990

Insurance against traffic pollution?
Traffic pollution kills twice as many people as road accidents
Eco driving – cut air pollution and save money

Arma Karma

Arma Karma was created as a flexible insurance option for renters looking to cover the items that matter most to them, without having to commit to an annual contents policy. Every month they are protecting their valuable items through Arma Karma, subscribers can be supporting a good cause at no extra cost to them, as 25% of commission revenue on the policy goes to a charity of their choice from a select panel of four. The B-Corp pending insurtech also contributes to carbon offsetting projects through climate crisis solution platform, Ecologi.

zixty greener car insurance

Zixty is the only UK based temporary car insurance provider that offers carbon offsetting for free. With a Green Mark certification, Zixty is committed to working towards carbon neutrality as a business, as well as helping consumers reduce their environmental impact.

How does our CO2 offsetting work? Easy.

Buy a Zixty temporary car insurance policy, and there’s the option to offset up to 100 miles of driving CO2 a day for free. We calculate the CO2 emissions for your car and your journeys, and we then offset this through our partnership with Eden Reforestation. Drive carefully and we may offset more CO2 than was emitted – potentially making your driving carbon negative.

Naturesave green insurance

Naturesave are the leading green and ethical insurance provider in the UK. The company has been established since 1993 and covers most areas of insurance. Their insurance offer is unique as, every year, they donate 10% of the total home and travel insurance premium to their charity, The Naturesave Trust. To date, they have raised nearly three quarters of a million pounds for the trust, which has been awarded to environmental and conservation projects across the UK. Home insurance customers can receive eco discounts for energy efficient practices within the home, while commercial customers receive a free Environmental Performance Review aimed at reducing the environmental impact of business operations. Naturesave also lead the campaign for the UK insurance industry to divest from fossil fuels.

ETA green insurance

ETA provide award winning breakdown cover and quality green insurance products. The ETA is a completely carbon neutral organisation, and a not-for-profit organisation, so all revenue goes into improving services and campaigning for a greener and safer transport system in the UK.

Animal Friends

Animal Friends is the one the top 10 pet insurers in the UK. They provide high quality pet insurance for cats, dogs and horses as well as some great policy benefits such as multi pet discounts, cover for young and old pets, lifetime cover for conditions and they are the only pet insurer that donates large amounts from their own profits to animal welfare all over the world.


Insure-us are proud to be one of the leading insurance brokers to be promoting environmentally friendly insurance services. They are planting 1,000 trees across Africa with the help of local farmers, making a positive impact to their livelihood as well as the environment. Insure-us will then gift these trees to their clients, who will be able to virtually visit it via a landing page and learn about the farmer that they are supporting.

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