Ethical banking

Banks are in business to make profits. One way they do this is by lending your money to someone else at a higher rate of interest, but they rarely disclose who they lend it to. The 2007/8 credit crunch exposed the shocking truth that many banks were themselves unsure of who they had lent money to leading to an almost total collapse of the banking system. The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal also shed light on banking ethics and the moral code of conduct.

If you are concerned about your money being invested in unethical businesses and corrupt regimes then why not switch to an ethical bank? Ethical banking helps to create a society that promotes people’s quality of life and that has human dignity at its core enabling individuals to use money more consciously in ways that benefit people and the environment, and promote sustainable development.

Did you know? Since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement banks have provided some $3.2tn to the fossil fuel industry to expand operations.

Ethical banking

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Ecology Building Society

Ecology Building Society specialises in ethical savings accounts and green mortgages for properties that benefit the environment. Mortgages are available for properties requiring substantial renovation or conversion; energy efficient new builds constructed from sustainable materials; and for the addition of energy saving devices and renewable energy systems to existing properties.

Charity Bank

Charity Bank is unique – it’s a bank which is also a charity. It takes deposits from individuals and organisations, and uses the funds to provide loan finance solely to enterprising charities and community organisations. It’s a simple way to support charity without having to give your money away.

Ethical banking

“Global banks often make public declarations that they are addressing climate change, but the scale of their continued financing of fossil fuels and industrial agriculture is simply staggering.” – Teresa Anderson, global lead on climate justice for ActionAid International

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