Renewable energy

Did you know that you can switch to renewable energy without paying more for your electricity? More people are looking to buy their electricity from renewable energy providers as concern over climate change grows.

Renewable energy and self sufficiency
Fossil fuels vs renewables – a polarised debate?

Over 40% of all wind energy in Europe blows across the UK, making it an ideal place for wind turbines to generate electricity. Wind power is the second largest source of renewable energy in the UK after biomass, generating an estimated 2.5% of all electricity in 2010 according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change Digest.

Solar Panels UK

Solar Panels UK is a leading renewable energy resource and price comparison site specialising in the solar energy sector. They are registered with the Renewable Energy Association (REA) and also the Solar Trade Association (STA) that means you can use their site and tools with confidence.

Their mission is to bring renewable energy to more homes within the UK and to help educate consumers on exactly how affordable renewable energy can be. Visit

Wood Fuel Direct

Wood Fuel Direct provides clean, compact and high output heat logs that are 100% renewable which are suitable for fires, chimineas and BBQs. Timber mill sawdust and wood chip waste is recycled into clean burning heat logs. All the wood comes from sustainably managed UK forests so this fuel source is clean and green. Online ordering and nationwide delivery.

Visit or call 0800 587 3147.


Ecotricity Switching to Ecotricity green electricity takes about five minutes and won’t cost you any more than you currently pay. Ecotricity is dedicated to changing the way electricity is made. They take the money their customers spend on electricity and invest it in clean forms of power like wind energy.

Good Energy

Good Energy is the only UK electricity company whose fuel mix is 100% renewable. No fossil fuels, no nuclear, no carbon. As burning fossil fuels to make electricity is the biggest single contributor to carbon emissions they wanted to create one simple step for households to switch to renewables.

Green Energy

green energy uk is a leading supplier of 100% green electricity. They buy their electricity from British green sources like hydro, organic waste gasification, energy crops and cleaner, greener Combined Heat and Power. The company wants its customers to play an active part in the business and offers them the chance to become shareholders if they remain with the company for three years.

Solar Saver

Solarsaver – for a greener, brighter future they have the power to help the environment! Visit the SOLARSAVER House to find out how to reap the benefits of solar power. Get FREE hot water for your home and business. The Solar Energy Kit, utilises state of the art thermal vacuum technology to convert solar energy into hot water, whatever your application and volume requirements.

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