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The UK’s leading directory of eco-friendly, fair trade and ethical companies. Founded in 2005 by Dr Gary Robertshaw, our green directory is free and easy to use. Everything you need for ethical and sustainable living under one roof! Suppliers are listed in easy-to-use sections, with a brief description of what they provide.

Links to a range of renewable energy suppliers, fair trade clothing, organic health and beauty products, energy saving devices, ethical gifts, fair trade bags are provided and much more. Also, news and updates on environmental issues and related topics.

Our green directory is helping to build a more sustainable world

We provide a comprehensive list of green, eco-friendly, fair trade and ethical suppliers of everyday goods and services. Plus links to a number of major environmental organisations along with schools and universities. We write articles and useful information on green issues and sustainable living. The premise of the directory is consumer power.

If large numbers of people can be better informed and convinced of the ecological dangers we face, then demand for eco friendly products and services will increase. In addition, traditional companies will be encouraged to adopt policies that reduce harm to the environment. Join us in helping to protect our precious planet and its inhabitants.

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“I think your website is great, and if anybody asks me about where to look for green goods and services in the UK, I’d definitely direct them to your site.” 

Promoting eco friendly & fair trade products for a better world

Fair trade is a social movement that reduces poverty and exploitation. It guarantees producers a price for their goods. As a result the price never falls below the cost of production. All the companies listed in our green directory follow fair trade principles. More than 7 million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America benefit from fair trade. Farmers, farm workers, and their families. [Fair trade principles…]

Helping to protect the rainforests and endangered species

Tropical rainforests took between 60 and 100 million years to evolve. They are the most complex land-based ecosystem on earth, containing over 30 million species of plants and animals. That’s half of the Earth’s wildlife and two-thirds of its plant species! Rainforests play a central in slowing down climate change. [Find out more…]

World Land Trust

Green directory of eco-friendly and organic products without the nasties

Many high street skincare products contain synthetic chemicals whose long-term effects are unknown. These include parabens, petro-chemicals, synthetic alcohols, DEA/MEA/TEA, petrolatum and isopropyl, along with many others linked to various ailments. A baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adult’s, which means it is easier for harmful toxins to enter their bodies. Organic baby products are free of toxic residue.

Protecting our precious planet – small steps can make a big difference

Meat production requires massive amounts of land, energy, and water, and is fuelling destruction of the rainforests – the lungs of the Earth. Globally, animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all the world’s transportation systems combined! As well as deforestation, it also takes 48 times as much water to produce beef compared to vegetables. Having smaller families, eating less or no meat and buying foods made with sustainable palm oil can have a huge, positive impact on our planet.

A green directory helping to protect the rainforests

“Before I flew I was already aware of how small and vulnerable our planet is. But only when I saw it from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realize that our most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations.” – Sigmund Jähn