Are you ready for the Greener Driving Revolution?

Research carried out earlier this year revealed British motorists are missing out on almost £24.5 billion per year by not taking advantage of low-emission motoring. However, changes in recent years to the UK infrastructure and developments of battery range have enabled more UK drivers to go green. Electric car DC fast charging stations have been few and far between until recently, but that’s beginning to change. Highways England announced in August that the UK will begin trials of wireless charging technology embedded into road surfaces, to charge electric cars and hybrid vehicles. So with these added incentives to go electric, just who in the UK is greener driving?

Did you know?

Consultancy Capital Economics has estimated that the UK will need 25.3m charge points in 2050 to hit the legislated target of net zero carbon emissions. The majority of these will be privately owned but 2.6m will be required in public places.

Do you live in a green zone?

As the government continue to encourage take-up of ultra-low emissions vehicles in the UK, the increase in UK green motoring habits is gathering pace. Concerns over levels of air pollution in major cities is another motivation for adopting cleaner, green cars and greener driving habits.

Find your best eco car!

If green driving habits where you live could do with switching up an environmental gear don’t ignore the warning signs! Ready to cut down on pollution by adopting smarter motoring habits? Sites such as Eco Cars and Next Green Car can help.


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