Waterless Limited – Reducing thousands of litres of water waste

Waterless Limited are on a mission to be as eco friendly and sustainable as possible through their three brands Nilaqua, Nilaqua Pets and Pits and Bits.

The UK based manufacturer offers a wide range of “rinse-free” bathing products for both humans and pets, which is formulated using their top secret towel off® technology. This allows the user to simply apply the liquid, massage in and then towel dry. Giving them that shower fresh feeling. As well as a range of Alcohol Free sanitisers which kill 99.9999% of bacteria & 99.99% of viruses from 30 seconds.

Did you know that the average bath uses 80 litres of water, and on average people bath about 2-3 times per week, that’s 156 times per year which equals 12,480 litres per person!

Just one 500ml bottle of Nilaqua Shampoo equals 10 baths saving 800 litres and our 500ml Nilaqua Body Wash equals 15 baths, saving a whopping 1200 litres! If everyone just skipped 1 or 2 baths a week, thousands of litres of water can be saved from waste.

Nilaqua is the original, number one brand which is used daily in the NHS and a market leader in its field. Due to this success the innovators behind Nilaqua then developed Pits & Bits® for the outdoor enthusiasts, saving digging holes, generators and shower waste at festivals. Furthermore Nilaqua Pets® is infused with essential oils for repelling ticks and fleas, instead of flooding our rivers with pesticides and again saving water.

Each and every product is made with a minimum 25% recycled plastic which can then be further recycled, and 100% renewable energy is used to power the plant. With all products being made here in the UK, Waterless are helping reduce their carbon footprint.

To find out more or discuss any of Waterless Limited brands please contact sales@waterlessltd.co.uk or call 01453 357337.