Waterwise UK Names 2017 Water Efficiency Product Awards Winners

Waterwise is the UK’s leading authority on water efficiency supporting innovative ideas and endeavours. It was founded in 2005 and receives funding from the UK water industry and other types of sponsorships. This year, the Water Efficiency Product Awards Winners were given to the winners at the House of Lords last 7 March 2017.



There are 8 categories where the Waterwise entries were submitted.

  • Kitchen/White Goods
  • Bathroom
  • Plumbing
  • Garden
  • Water Storage
  • Industrial/Business
  • Innovation
  • IT/Communication

Entries were judged on their achievements in water savings, changes in water-related behaviours and attitudes, value to the economy, society & environments and legacy.

For each category, judges looked at specific water-saving measures. For example, in the kitchen/white goods section, products that show good water efficiency are looked at. In plumbing, leak detection devices and PRVs rank well. Water recycling and re-use are important features of water storage devices and systems as are non-chemical water treatment options . The industrial and business sectors also play a significant role in saving water. Hence, products and technology that use water efficiently and save money to the private sector are appreciated.

Another category in the competition is innovation where products and technologies that demonstrate water-efficiency among customers in both home or business settings are reviewed. Judges evaluated sensors, timers, water reusing appliances and flushing systems that promote water savings.

Gardens also consume water. Hence, water-efficient landscaping and gardening are important. For this category, watering devices and systems, soil improvers and hot tubs were evaluated.

Finally, in IT/Communications, entries such as apps, gamification, behavioural campaigns or sensors were judged on their ability to reduce water consumption or modify attitudes to the environment.

The Winners

This year’s winners are the following:

Innovation – BWAREIT, Bright Tap

Description: Bright Tap is a meter that tracks water quality and usage.

Bathroom – Phoenix Products, Propelair 1.5-litre flush toilet

Description: This flush toilet uses only 1.5 litres which is water-saving and hygienic. It uses an ‘air-based operating principle.’

Kitchen/White Goods – Whirlpool, Whirlpool Supreme Clean Dishwasher – WIO 3T 123 GPE

Description: Whirlpool’s dishwasher uses 6 litres of water achieved by dedicating a tank for the final rinse. It is fitted with intelligent sensors that adjusts the programme automatically to the type and size of loads.

IT/Communication – Smart and Blue Hydrao Showerhead

Description: This is a smart showerhead that gives real time water usage for significant water savings. A coloured-LED indicator alerts users as to how much water they are using while in the shower.

Plumbing – Waterblade Limited, Waterblade

Description: Waterblade decreases water consumption by half.  It uses a trickle of water and spreads in on a surface for an effective hand wash. The nozzle can be used on existing taps.

Garden – Watflo, Watflo Dual Flow Water Diverter; Filter Unit + H2O Harvester Brainbox

Description: It collects water from shower and bath as well as rain water which is stored in a tank then redistributed for use in the toilet and outdoors (garden, car wash).

Industrial/Business – Brenntag, Heatsavr

Description: Heatsavr is a liquid pool cover that slows down water evaporation in a pool reducing the need to top it up with water and consequently, less heating requirements.

Water Storage – GRAF UK, Platin rainwater harvesting package

Description: The system is developed for collecting rainwater to augment water supply and is available in different sizes (1,500 – 3,000 litres). It features a built-in Minimax Pro self-cleaning filter.