The ways to recycle from home to help the environment

The amount we recycle has changed significantly over the years but with the vast benefits such simple things can achieve it is important we strive to do everything we can to help the world we live in. We can affect a lot of this from the comfort of our own home too.

Recycling glass for instance can have a positive impact on the environment, instead of just throwing away your glass bottles at the end of the day, you could recycle, and using recycled glass reduces the energy needed to melt glass than opposed to raw materials. On top of that glass produced by recycled glass reduces air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%, and then there are the obvious benefits in reducing the landfill space required.

Whilst a lot of you may be fully aware and recycling glass, another way we can recycle is with our beds and mattresses, and this again has great added benefits for the environment. Yet we don’t go through beds and a mattress like we do clothes, and recycling clothes will help the environment. I’m sure whilst reading this you can all imagine a shirt or trousers, (perhaps more than just one!) that are unwanted and instead of throwing them away you can start solving the problem by recycling efficiently.

Paper we generally recycle more than most other things, yet there is still a lot that can be done and it’s fairly simple to cut down on that, whether it be yesterday’s newspaper, an old flyer or even a post-it note, just realise the benefits of recycling. Recycling effectively can benefit most businesses too, with it estimated that saving paper could cut costs by around 20%.

Another way we can help is with tyres, they too can be recycled; garages may take them for recycling when they fit you a new one, but even if they don’t tyres should be disposed of correctly. The benefits of recycling tyres may not be universally recognised, for instance the safety mats you see at children’s play areas may come from a recycled tyre or even carpet underlay, and of course in some cases they can be re-treaded and re-used.

All of these are easy ways we can help, all pretty straightforward and without any issues, we know the benefits each aspect can have on the environment, we know the costs it saves, how it reduces landfill and how it reduces various types of pollution and it also results in saving a lot of money, so we need to do the little things we can.

ways to recycle